Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~Tips on using background type pressons~

So, not that you asked...but I did a little tiny tutorial on using the Pink Paislee background pattern type of pressons.
I was working on a layout the other day...with my kit from Kenner Road (Yummy) and got to the end and it just needed a little something sumthin....some little added touch... It needed some script pressons.
So using the Vintage Moon Accents pressons I decided to fill in the left side of my page. The only thing is..that I didn't want to cover my flower and make the pressons look blocky. So using a Sharpie pen, this is what I did.
Laid it over my paper- Traced the outline of the flower pattern with a permanent pen.- Cut out the outlined area And placed the trimmed to my pattern presson right where I needed it to be and rubbed it on...I slipped a little and got a boo boo on one of my leaves.... So, I used this to pick it up! Tape most always works...but sometimes it doesn't...and be careful not to pick up your rubons that you DON'T want picked it. Be careful with it...but it does work really well.

Have a Great Day!!




so pretty.. is that a pic of you??? thanks for the tutorial.. i was wonderin' what the press ons were that u talked about on the MR blog... but never asked!
such a wonderful layout!!


uh i meant the PP blog..duh!

wendy vecchi said...

WOW!!...You are one talented chick!!

Malin said...

Hi so happy to have found your blog!!!
You make incredibble things! I was so stunned by your mini album it is one of the msot gorgeous things i have ever seen!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Love this lo!!! I would have never come up w/this combo, but it is married so well! Super great design.

Pearl Maple said...

Great tutorial, using rubons in layers adds lots of interesting effects to your pages.

Thanks for sharing.

evafromca said...

What a gorgeous layout! WOW!!!

Mary said...

Hi Katie, I found your blog by Scrapscene which I found by Making Memories blog. I would like to know a little more detail in your instructions for your idea and how did you make your leaf? Did you ever think of making a how-to-video to show your ideas? If kyou go to she explains how to make video and how to put it on your blog. For free. She also has great ideas you might enjoy. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us.

KimA said...

Great idea - I will definitely be trying this. Thanks

Zarah said...

Absolutely wonderful!!

Sandy said...

This is a great idea and I love the finished pag. You did a wonderful job on it. So glad I found you blog through Scrap Scene.