Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Home for the Holidays~ Maya Road House Contest

Have you used a Maya Road house yet? They are so stinkin fun to make. I love them. Anyway, Maya Road is having a great contest. Not only do they have great prizes but for EVERY entry, they are donating $5 to Habitat for Humanity. What a great thing. That's more then the wholesale prices, they don't make a dime...but Habitat for Humanity does..which is awesome.
So what do you have to lose? No matter what, you get to keep your cute project and Habitat for Humanity get's $5. Win-Win situation to me. Plus you never might win! So check your LSS or online stores for Maya Road houses and get working!

For More Information go to the Maya Road "Home For the Holidays" entry and read all about it!!


Zarah said...

Okay I just found my way here but - you're officially on my fave-blogs-list now. You seeeeriously ROCK!!


What a creative contest and a great way to give to HFH too!!
Have a great weekend!

arlene said...

I love your work, especially the butterfly book.

arlene said...

Love your work, especially the butterfly book.

Tiff said...

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family!!! Your work always inspires me...Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been to workshops with you at Scrapbook Paradise. Carmen said you have the template or sample pages for the ABC album I did there. It was incredible and I'm helping a friend do one - but I gave the one I made to my niece. Do you still have pictures of it? She's a beginning scrapper and it would really help.
Your blog is incredible! I spent several hours just exploring all your projects. I'm hooked! Thanks so much.