Thursday, December 27, 2007

~Gifts From The Heart~

Well, It's over.....all my elves have left for the season and I am left with a messy scrapbook area and nothing to show for it....all the gifts have been given. I went pretty simple this year....not a lot and not a lot of extravagance either..... Just some simple gifts from the heart....

This is a Wall Hanging that I made for my Mom...of all her grandkids. I used a Maya Road Square Banner/Coaster Chipboard Album and covered it with black and whites (5x5in) and repunched the holes and tied them together. I hung it by wire and wrapped berries around the handle. I glitter glued a couple of Maya Road Chipboard Corner Scrolls and adhered them to the top and bottom of the wall hanging . Super Simple and super cute....and if you happened to be watching the news on Sunday the 23rd, you would have seen this project on Fox 6 morning news!! I lent a couple of projects to the owner of Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway for her guest spot on the news about Holiday photos and ideas to make with them.

Monday, December 17, 2007

~Candy Cane Jars~

So, after reading some posts on 2peas about giving baked goods to teachers....I opted not to bake a batch of holiday yummies this year..... I don't blame teachers for not wanting baked goods...after all, they can't see the cleanliness of the home that they came from and they might not want chocolate in their muffins!

So, this year I went for Candy Cane Jars...for the teachers, brownie leaders and office staff! I loaded up on Mason Jars (case of 12 for $9.99), Fabri-Tac and candy canes.... and started working....

Here they are....little cuties.....

Arghhhhhh....Holiday Gifts!!!

Oh Man, do I love to make Holiday gifts....I hardly ever give anything not handmade anymore..... This is for a couple of reasons....
#1 For a fraction of the cost I can make something equally as beautiful if not more beautiful then something bought
#2 I like to give something from the heart
#3 I just flat out like to have any excuse to make stuff!!

But this year is overwhelming me.....I just have too many people to make for....and we are sooo broke this year....San Diego is killing I can't even run out and just pick up Starbucks cards or something....I've got to push through and get it done....
Derek has been gone for 31 days (nope not counting at all....) and so I have been doing double duty.....oh wait, triple duty with the kids and house....and not doing the greatest job at all. But, complaining aside......he comes back tomorrow and hopefully I can get it all done and he'll cheerfully support my Christmas Crafting all nighters.....or possibly pitch in and help me...oh no, never mind....he's not very crafty..... so maybe he'll massage my shoulders and bring me wine while I work..... Gosh, where's the elves when you need them??

Friday, November 30, 2007

~It's the Bake Sale time of Year!!~

Well, if a good old fashioned bake sale doesn't get you in the mood for the season, what will? I admit, when I helped wrap up all the baked goods, it did make me a little more "in the mood"...I'm not quite ready to put the apron on and start baking but I'm feeling it a little more...
Instead of making baked goods for the school carnival, my sister and I teamed up and made jars of cookie mix. It was really fun to do and I used up some of my Christmas stash from last year, and the year before and the year before!!

I made a sign for the jars out of a cookie sheet from the dollar store.....Just painted it white (using spray paint) and put the Daisy D's letters and paper on it... I didn't have a price yet, cause we weren't sure how much we were going to sell them for. Anyway, I went to the school this afternoon to help with the set up and already just to the volunteer Moms, they are almost sold out....we started with 22 and now there is just 7 left..the bake sale doesn't start until tonight....
Here is a link to my post on 2peas with the recipes and info!

Update~~~~~~~~~~All the cookie mix jars sold out and were a big hit!!

Long Time, No Blog......

I know, I am the worst blogger ever....I never was much of a writer...I can think the thoughts, but putting them down in writing is tough for me. I struggle with my journaling also. Plus, I never feel interesting enough to post my thoughts... I'm kind of shy, unless I'm totally comfortable with someone. I'm a bit of a homebody, and really should get out more to work on my social skills !!
So the Holiday season is here and I'm trying to get in the mood. My husband is out to sea until the 21st and we didn't have time to get a tree before he left...and he wants me to wait until he gets home to get one....I guess we're getting the Charlie Brown Christmas tree this year..... That late in the season, I can't imagine there will be many good trees left...
I admit, I am struggling with the life of a Navy family. It's really seemed easier when I was younger, things were more exciting and I wasn't as worn out as I feel now. I made more of an effort to get involved in my city and environment..but 6 moves later...I'm tired. I'm tired of starting over and tired of missing my husband. We have about 5 more years left until he retires...and hopefully he gets a job that is totally "no stress" at the 7-11 for all I care...but no more intense jobs....
So, I'm alone with the kids...trying my best to be organized, which is NOT in my nature...I'm a creative brain and not much of a scheduled type person...which makes it hard when you're on your own. I am trying to figure out how to make things easier...homework with the kids, making dinner, doing dishes, errands and all the other things that consume my time and now working part-time. Balance is what I'm seeking..some kind of balance. While a creative person, I am definitely not a Martha Stewart.
So, off to switch laundry and unload the dishwasher...!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

~My Lucky Day~ Maya Road Design Team

Wow, in my Wildest Dreams I would have never thought that I would be on the Maya Road Design Team. The scrapworld is SO hard to break into. There are so many talented designers and just so much darn competition....but somehow, some way...Maya Road came across my work. They asked me to be on their Design Team. Little ole' Navy Wife me (OK, well not so little anymore!)!! The best part about not the "well known" name, or the team of fab designers, or the validation...the best part is, the PRODUCT!!

I love to create...always have. I have always been a a little girl I colored, made playdough creations...weaved hot pads on my little loom, made clay ashtrays at school and doodled in my notebooks and on my shoes..... now that I've "found" my craft of choice....I have molded the crafting with the scrapbooking...and turned into a paper crafter. So, of any company Maya Road would be at the top of my list for choices of a company to work with. All those little boxes, albums, chipboard pieces, calenders......are like candy to a kid, to me!! I am a lucky girl!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

~Book of BoO~

I have taught the "Book of BoO" for 3 years in a Row now! My first year, it was a paperbag book, the next year a chipboard cover (front and back) with paper pages and now this year it is all Chipboard pages in all different sizes...It's amazing how far this book has come! It's one of my most popular classes and one of my most favorite classes to teach!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

~LoVe GrowS HeRe~ Growth Chart

~Maya Road Flower Board Book Wall Hanging Class~ ~~{Love Grows Here}

I LOVE making these things!!! (In fact I have one coming out in PaperTrends in the Fall!!)

They are PERFECT for above a grouping of photos, over a doorway, down a hall, above a bed headboard, on the wall going up your stairway....the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

And they are SUPER FUN to make..... the class is on August 26th (a Sunday) " Cool Scrapbook Stuff"

I am teaching Scrapbook Classes Again!!

So..... We are finally settled In San Diego.... If the Navy moves us 1 more time....I'm going to lose it! I am so sick of moving, gettting lost for a year, never knowing where the "GOOD" restaraunts are....the nice parks, meeting friends all over again....I'm SO over it!!

But one of the things that I really felt the "NEED" to do when we moved was find a Good Scrapbook store to teach at. I follow Derek all over the country and this time when we moved I felt this incredible need to find a place where it was just all about ME!! No Navy stuff!

I posted on 2peas looking for some spots to check out. One that was recommended was called "Cool Scrapbook Stuff" in Poway...about 35 minutes from my house. I packed up my work....(and my Mom and Maddy) and drove up there...and WHOA! This was the most incredible place...It took me a minute to catch my breath! Talk about STOCK, you name's there! She is filled to the brim with super "Cool" stuff!! Every brand, color and style that you can think of...

The owner Gena is super "Cool" also. Super funny, upbeat, smart, an incredible eye for ordering and just a FUN gal. I totally felt a connection right away... with her and just the atmosphere in the store. So, crossing my fingers I showed her my stuff...and she "hired" me, YAYYYY!!

I just taught my first class there on Saturday and thanks to the store promoting it, it was SOLD OUT!!

I was sooo nervous on my way there, I seriously thought I might lose my lunch...but then I got lost....(typical) and focused my "worry energy" on getting there early enough to set up my stuff...I made it, got set up and was totally fine!

I had sooo much fun teaching again! I really love it and it's so fun to be around people who understand who "Heidi, is" when I talk about the new "Heidi Stuff".....My hubby just doesn't get it...

Here is my class that I was a fun little mini-album..and everyone did a SUPER great job!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A Close up of the birdy....he's so stinkin cute!!

The SuPeR DuPeR April kit by

This is the Mini-Album that I made using the April kit from A Million Memories!! I had soooo much fun with all the yummy colors!!
The bird stamp was just toooo much fun! I chalked it and cut out gingham wings for him....he's so "Tweet" looking!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

~My Losah Altered Vase for the Prima Contest~

Yep, it was a big zero for the Prima contest...but I LOVE it, so blah!! The pictures are of Jake and Chandra (SIL and BIL) on their Wedding Day... So, now I'm covered for a killer birthday present for her...Pride not wounded at all....

~If it's has to be Good~

So, I knew there was a reason why I always save my empty Smuckers jars...I really think it's about the gingham lids...but the jars sure came in handy for this little project!
I painted up a wooden tote, used some 3Bugs in a Rug die cut letters (I was using them for a DT project for, tied some bows around the jars, filled them with some of my daughter's art supplies (yes, she is creative also!) and "here you go" a cute little "art box"!

~Make a $1 Bucket look like a Million Dollars~

I got this bucket at Michael's for $1 (O.K., I bought about 20 of them....). I used my cropadile and punched holes in the rim, tied some ribbons through them.... I used my circle punch and punched out a picture of my girls. Then glued it down and surrounded it with flowers and "it's as simple as that".

~Hannah's Shabby Pink Tree~

This is Hannah's Magic little pink tree. At night her room looked like a fairy tale!!

~Some of my favorite Projects~

This is the Shabby Chic Ornament Box that I made and filled with handmade and altered little Shabby Chic Christmas Ornaments for my neices!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

~Target Dollar Spot Mailboxes~

O.K. so I have to say....I have jumped on the Target Dollar Spot Mailbox band wagon....After seeing so many of these cute projects that people have been doing, I decided to give it a shot...In fact a few shots. This is one of a few different designs... I knew there was a reason why I saved those paint strips. The curse of the scrapper and soon as you get rid of something, you find a project you need it for. Glad I saved these ones.

~What Am I Doing~

So seriously...a, huh? I've thought about doing this for a while...I just don't know if I have anything interesting to say. Well, I guess I'll just let things unfold and see what happens!