Thursday, January 31, 2008

~Introducing the Maya Road CHA-W Catalog!!~

Maya Road CHA Sneak Peek!!

Is the accordion Boy/Girl album not the CUTEST!!!! Yep, that's my picture too from the cover of a mini album made from the Scroll Frame mini album!! My little pumpkin picker!!!

Maya Road Sneak Peek!!

These flowers look so you plucked them right off your grandmothers hat!!

Maya Road Sneak Peek

Tell me that these are not the CUTEST darn things EVER!! The houses, the butterflies, snails....small letters (finally!!) the scrolls, and my favorite....the TREES!! I have the cutest project that I'm working on with the trees for CHA.....oh so cute!
And Oh yeah, that's my cute little butterfly pictured!!!

Maya Road Sneak Peek!!

Oh My God.......just the cutest thing...the mail box with the postage Stamp Mini album....and the sheer 12x12s..... and the most exciting to me...the houses that the lid comes off and a house mini album goes inside....

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

~The Dog is In~ Help for a Wayward Dog

My sister's dog has a bad habit of wanting to get out the often you are greeted with the familiar yell of ... "Hold On!! Sommmmeeeebodeeeyyyyyy get the Doooooggggg!!" to alert would be visitors to this family problem...I made her a "Dog is In.....Be Careful" sign that she can post outside to let you know...that the dog is in before you open her door and let out the little runaway. I attached velcro to the back so that she could open the sign when the dog was in. Of course I used Maya Road products. I used two pieces of the Square Banner/Coaster Chipboard Album and also pieces from the Card album in a box to mount the letters on (

and also the word "In" is made from Maya Road letters.