Friday, June 27, 2008

~I know it's been forever.....~

Yep, I'm a blogger LOSER!! I am.....I have been SOOOO busy since Derek left that I just had to let a few things besides my figure and the was the blog. But I'm back..and I'll try to be better about keeping it updated. So let's see what's new......Ummm...we moved to a much better neighborhood on a WAY less busy street and are away from our crazy landlord (long story)...but I will say this, if you EVER have a weird feeling about it!! Learned that lesson for about the 100th time in my life.
So, I'm coping as well as would be expected....maybe....trying to raise 2 little girls and one very big teenage boy can be very exhausting at times...the difference in interests and ages is hard. I miss my husband very much. I knew that we were partners but it'd been a couple of years since I had last been so harshly reminded of it....I hate sea duty.
So, since I'm not feeling very patriotic...I thought I would post these pictures of my girls and nieces saying goodbye to my husbands ship. Maybe it'll make me feel more like a proud Navy wife, instead of a very overwhelmed, lonely pathetic excuse for one!!