Monday, October 27, 2008

Medium & Clairvoyants, anyone? Do You Believe in them? I'll see tomorrow...what she has to say about Ian.

Ok,so random I know....but there is a medium named Lisa Williams that does a show on Lifetime.
This is her second season and this week is her debut week....and weird enough...Tessa the girl who was Ian's girlfriend that was in the crash with on it to find out about Ian. She's in an enormous amount of pain...physical but also she had to sit there and see and hear Ian's she is in trauma 100%, so I hope this helps her heal.

We don't know when hers will be aired and how much of it will be aired...but it looks like tomorrow may be the day. She told us a couple of the things that the psychic said and it was a little we are very curious to see what is said.

I don't know how much I believe in all this but I'm open minded...and do believe that people have gifts...such as I have the gift of art, and my husband has the gift of writing...I think maybe some people have this gift...but i think alot of them "think" they have it and really don't.

So, how do you feel about all that "talking to dead people" stuff...??

Well, so tomorrow(Tuesday) we think...but we had also heard Wednesday...but I think tomorrow.

I will be at Debbie's sisters funeral tomorrow. Poor Deb...will be mourning her tomorrow. Too much, just too much for this poor lady. We'll get her through...slowly.

Let me know if you watch the show.


ETA- It looks like it's on Wednesday. The girls name is Tessa and she was my brother-in-laws girlfriend that was in the car with him when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver.


Sandy said...

I'm not sure if I believe in them or not. I've never had the experience of meeting a medium or clairvoyant and seeing what they know about me so I can't say no I don't.

I guess it's up to the individual person as to what they believe. I know I wouldn't change my entire life around by what a medium told me but I not one to just say No, I won't listen.

And it would depend on the situation, if it were my Mom or Husband I wanted to "talk" to well yes I'd go check it out.


Oh I have been anticipating her new Season. I will have to TIVO it and watch her interview. (It is such a small world)
It will be interesting to see what she is able to reveal. I believe that some people truly have a gift.

**Your Family will be in my thoughts and prayers with all of the trial events coming up soon**

Kelly said...

I'm a new reader and a new fan since I found your "schtuff." I watched Lisa Williams solely for the purpose of hearing about Tessa and Ian. I think Ian, through Lisa, told Tessa things she really needed to hear. Truth or not, I don't think it matters as long as it helps Tessa to heal. Ian's story is such a sad story, and one told way too often. I hope that your family, Tessa and of course you find some peace in all this. You have some difficult times ahead with the court dates coming up. Maybe you can use your fabulous creativity to help you cope. I'll be following along and watching and loving the inspiration I get from you. Thanks for sharing at such a difficult time.

Danielle said...

how interesting! I'm going to go see when it's on! I love watching this stuff. You'll have to let us know if Tessa believes in it after talking to her.

suruha said...

Though I make no claim to be a medium, I have experiences where I "know" things that I would otherwise have no way of knowing. It isn't like intuition - the knowledge rather pops up in my 'mind's eye', so to speak.

So, yes, I do believe.

Nice site, by the way.


Lisa J. said...

WOW I hope this helps her heal too. I am not sure I believe in them either but sometimes they seem pretty compelling so who knows? But I wanted to Thank you! If I remember correctly several months ago you posted about the "Walk Like Madd" event in your hometown. Well I drove 3 1/2 hours to the closest one to me and walked in memory of the many people I have had to work on that have been victims to drunk drivers. I am a flight nurse on a helicopter so this was very important to me.