Wednesday, October 29, 2008

~Have you Heard of the QUEEN of Glitter and Vintage?

Weeelllll, my pretties..... Lisa Pace, who is completely been a mentor to me...and she is the one who has single handedly gotten me addicted to the crafter crack, otherwise known as glitter.

OK, well here's the deal...and I wanted to share it with you cause it's a DEAL (ha, good play on words there, huh?)....Lisa is offering a workshop, not just any workshop...but a month long workshop... of Holiday Creating!

The 12 Days of Christmas is a month long online workshop of holiday creating. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the month of November, Lisa will post new projects that will include a supply list, tools needed and step by step instructions to complete each project. There will be a total of at least 15 tutorials (this is super exciting to me...cause I look at her stuff in wonder and think, "How did she do that"). Some projects will come with a template to make the creative process a bit easier and each featured project has close up color photos. All the projects are designed so you can use items you already have on hand or create them exactly like the sample.

The cost for this online workshop is $19.95 (15 tutorials, downloadable images and!!) and will be available from November 1st – December 15th. Once payment is received you will be sent a password to enter this private forum starting at 7:00 a.m. November 1st. Then it’s time to get out the glitter, trims, papers and embellishments for a fun filled month of creating.

Since this will be a place that is all about the holidays Lisa will include downloadable images from her stash (Oh and let me tell you, she has got SOME stash) of favorite vintage holiday sheet music and postcards. She will share some of her favorite family recipes (She is southern, nuff said!), holiday quotes and photos of some of her favorite holiday decorations over the years. We also get to share cookie recipes, holiday traditions and decorations as not only does she love to share...but she loves to see how others celebrate and decorate during the holiday season.

It will be like a little get together....and I'm super excited about it!!

Guess what? She is letting me (well, I begged) post a picture of this cute guy...His name is Monsieur Hiver a.k.a. Mr. Winter and you will learn how to make him in the he not the cutest?

So go to Lisa's blog It's In The Details and find out more information and hope to see you there!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Medium & Clairvoyants, anyone? Do You Believe in them? I'll see tomorrow...what she has to say about Ian.

Ok,so random I know....but there is a medium named Lisa Williams that does a show on Lifetime.
This is her second season and this week is her debut week....and weird enough...Tessa the girl who was Ian's girlfriend that was in the crash with on it to find out about Ian. She's in an enormous amount of pain...physical but also she had to sit there and see and hear Ian's she is in trauma 100%, so I hope this helps her heal.

We don't know when hers will be aired and how much of it will be aired...but it looks like tomorrow may be the day. She told us a couple of the things that the psychic said and it was a little we are very curious to see what is said.

I don't know how much I believe in all this but I'm open minded...and do believe that people have gifts...such as I have the gift of art, and my husband has the gift of writing...I think maybe some people have this gift...but i think alot of them "think" they have it and really don't.

So, how do you feel about all that "talking to dead people" stuff...??

Well, so tomorrow(Tuesday) we think...but we had also heard Wednesday...but I think tomorrow.

I will be at Debbie's sisters funeral tomorrow. Poor Deb...will be mourning her tomorrow. Too much, just too much for this poor lady. We'll get her through...slowly.

Let me know if you watch the show.


ETA- It looks like it's on Wednesday. The girls name is Tessa and she was my brother-in-laws girlfriend that was in the car with him when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

~Pink Paislee Blog~

I have Pink Paislee Blog assignment...and here is my project for more, you gotta go HERE !Plus there is a free template for you there!! Enjoy!!
The link is being wonky...Pink Paislee got a new site and I can't get the link to try this BLOG !

I've had alot of people ask where to get the chipboard...well, OF course I used ALL Maya here are some links for you...

I know that my order and links are all screwed up...but it's just not working for me sorry for the chaos..!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~My Friend Karen~

I have friend that I met a little over a year ago...she is one of those people that is VERY down to earth...she is wise and smart...and oh so talented. She is a deep person, a spiritual person and a talented writer and scrapbooker.
You might know her by her screen name Karenika or you might know her by the wonderful site that she started called Creative Therapy (which btw, Melody Ross is her guest artist this week)...but her name is Karen Grunberg and she is teaching a mini book class for NYC Scraps and it is sure to be a great experience.

Karen is doing a class giveaway on her blog and I am passing on the word!

I encourage you to check out her Creative Therapy site, her personal blog and her class called Holiday Mini Book Formulas at NYC Scraps! I think you will be inspired creatively and spiritually by her.
She encourages you to go past just the "pretty pretty" art and get deep inside yourself to create something that comes from your spirit. I like that a fact so much that I joined her Creative Therapy team....and am working on my first catalyst this week. I'll keep you posted on that later!

Monday, October 20, 2008

~Hannah's Surgery~

Well, my sweet little Hannah has to have surgery on her legs.... We were referred to see an orthopedist surgeon at Children's Hospital, oddly enough it is the same doctor that treated my brother many years ago.
Hannah was having some in-toeing, not bad...but I had noticed that her ankles leaned inward. She would complain after running sometimes and she seemed to have to work harder to keep up. So, I took her into her regular doctor. He said that she looked fine, so I asked him to take a second to see her walk. He agreed that all didn't look right. So he referred us to Childrens Orthopedics.
We waited about 2 months for an appointment. The drive to the hospital, I was thinking the whole time...."I'm being paranoid, she's fine...she probably just needs good supportive shoes....".
As soon as they saw her and examined her I could tell that wasn't the case...they sent us straight to X-Ray. The X-rays came back and the doctor pointed out the problems.
She has Metatarsus Adductus(twisting of the feet), Internal Tibial Torsion (twist in the calf bone), Femoral Anteversion (twisting of the thigh and hip), sway back (caused from the legs) and flat feet. All these (except the flat feet) are from her position in the womb. Weird, huh? Her ankles have collapsed due to the flat feet. Poor girl. No military for her, huh?

They sent us for a CT scan also and more X-Rays.

So here is what they will be doing. They will be breaking her calf bones on both legs to re-set them. She will have pins in. They will be taking a pie shaped piece of bone out of the outside of both feet and cutting and tightening the tendon on the inside of her feet.

She will be in a wheel chair (and casts) for a month and cannot put ANY pressure on her legs at baths should be fun as should going to the restroom.

Then she will be in walking casts for a month and then 2 months of recovery.

Crazy. I left that appointment in shock. Really, I had NO idea.

So, her surgery is scheduled Dec. 18th. Derek will be home and will start his Christmas leave that day. I cannot do it without him. She will be in the hospital for a couple of days and then home if all goes well.

So strange to think that I'll be taking my daughter in to get both of her legs broken.

I don't know how it will work with school, but part of the wheel chair time, she'll be on break. Not a fun Christmas for her.

She is my calm child, she likes to draw, sing and play her Wii. So at least we have that. I have wanted her to start in singing lessons forever, so maybe we can find someone to come to our house for a while and do lessons during the school day.

I guess just another speedbump on the Watson journey.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Home for the Holidays~ Maya Road House Contest

Have you used a Maya Road house yet? They are so stinkin fun to make. I love them. Anyway, Maya Road is having a great contest. Not only do they have great prizes but for EVERY entry, they are donating $5 to Habitat for Humanity. What a great thing. That's more then the wholesale prices, they don't make a dime...but Habitat for Humanity does..which is awesome.
So what do you have to lose? No matter what, you get to keep your cute project and Habitat for Humanity get's $5. Win-Win situation to me. Plus you never might win! So check your LSS or online stores for Maya Road houses and get working!

For More Information go to the Maya Road "Home For the Holidays" entry and read all about it!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

~Ready for a Christmas Project?~

I did this spinning ATC card Carousal for 7Gypsies...they wanted a Christmas theme..well I can do Christmas, that's for sure! You can see it here on the 7Gypsies site. Or you can just scroll below to see a TON of images of it!
I decided to go for a general Christmas theme...using lots of pictures of my decorations, events, vintage family pictures (including pictures of me when I was little) and a bunch of odds and ends. I had so much fun making this.
So here goes!!


Oh My Goodness....this was a chore to do this post....I kept messing up the HTML and adding the same pictures twice................Whew!!

I hope you enjoyed this project...I used all 7Gypsies product and added a bunch of random vintage items and different ribbons. I also used the ATC punch to make my cards.

I used a few flashcards, Self inking stamps, chipboard pieces (I glittered and crackle painted them), more chipboard pieces, metal edges, Christmas Stickers (97% Complete JOY and Christmas ), All kinds of ATC Cards and the new flocked velvet paper (Oh my dear...I thought that someone had sent me vintage wall paper, really I did! It is SO darn pretty and beautiful!) and Gaffer Tape. I used a ton of other stuff too but my head is spinning now from all this linking!

Thank you for looking and I hope that I have inspired you to start creating some Christmas projects!!