Monday, October 20, 2008

~Hannah's Surgery~

Well, my sweet little Hannah has to have surgery on her legs.... We were referred to see an orthopedist surgeon at Children's Hospital, oddly enough it is the same doctor that treated my brother many years ago.
Hannah was having some in-toeing, not bad...but I had noticed that her ankles leaned inward. She would complain after running sometimes and she seemed to have to work harder to keep up. So, I took her into her regular doctor. He said that she looked fine, so I asked him to take a second to see her walk. He agreed that all didn't look right. So he referred us to Childrens Orthopedics.
We waited about 2 months for an appointment. The drive to the hospital, I was thinking the whole time...."I'm being paranoid, she's fine...she probably just needs good supportive shoes....".
As soon as they saw her and examined her I could tell that wasn't the case...they sent us straight to X-Ray. The X-rays came back and the doctor pointed out the problems.
She has Metatarsus Adductus(twisting of the feet), Internal Tibial Torsion (twist in the calf bone), Femoral Anteversion (twisting of the thigh and hip), sway back (caused from the legs) and flat feet. All these (except the flat feet) are from her position in the womb. Weird, huh? Her ankles have collapsed due to the flat feet. Poor girl. No military for her, huh?

They sent us for a CT scan also and more X-Rays.

So here is what they will be doing. They will be breaking her calf bones on both legs to re-set them. She will have pins in. They will be taking a pie shaped piece of bone out of the outside of both feet and cutting and tightening the tendon on the inside of her feet.

She will be in a wheel chair (and casts) for a month and cannot put ANY pressure on her legs at baths should be fun as should going to the restroom.

Then she will be in walking casts for a month and then 2 months of recovery.

Crazy. I left that appointment in shock. Really, I had NO idea.

So, her surgery is scheduled Dec. 18th. Derek will be home and will start his Christmas leave that day. I cannot do it without him. She will be in the hospital for a couple of days and then home if all goes well.

So strange to think that I'll be taking my daughter in to get both of her legs broken.

I don't know how it will work with school, but part of the wheel chair time, she'll be on break. Not a fun Christmas for her.

She is my calm child, she likes to draw, sing and play her Wii. So at least we have that. I have wanted her to start in singing lessons forever, so maybe we can find someone to come to our house for a while and do lessons during the school day.

I guess just another speedbump on the Watson journey.


Katherine said...

WOW, Katie! What a year this has turned out to be for you. I think you are so amazing and so strong. I read your blog often to see how you are and whatever your troubles are, you always manage to stay positive.

I will start praying for you and Hannah. I know this will be a good thing for her and the recovery time will fly by. Think of all the crafts you two can come with.

I wish you both well and your family! Remember to take care of yourself.


Sandy said...

I'm so sorry for all of this you and your family will be going through. I will start praying for you all. Just remember children recover a lot faster than adults, but that sure doesn't take the pain of seeing our children hurt away from us parents.

Big Hugs to you

Jennifer.T said...

My goodness, my mouth just kept dropping open wider and wider the more I read!
And you sound so calm, I'm sure you're not at all, but you sound very together :o)
I'm sure everything will be fine though. Kids deal with things like this better than adults!
And I think it's a good thing you caught onto it now rather than when she's older.
I think after reading this I'll be keeping an eye on how my DD walks from now on...

wendy vecchi said... you guys ever get a BREAK and do things the easy way?
Kids are very resilient...they actually do much better than their parents, from my experience.
I'll be thinking of ALL of you!

AmyLynn said...

First let me say you are in my prayers. I know what you mean when you talk about driving away from the doctors in shock. My oldest has Type 1 Diabetes and it is a terrible shock when your "mothers knowing something is wrong with my child thing" comes true. But I always remeber that at least I can help my child. That is what gets me from one trouble to the next. I can proudly say she is healthy, with the occasional bumps in the road. But knowing where my blessing are helps on those days I just want to hide under the pillow. You can do this because I can tell you are a great mother. Your family is in our prayers!


Sweet Little Hannah...that is a lot for a little girl and her Momma to take in!!! I am glad that Derek will be there for you both during her surgery and part of the recovery too. You are so strong but I know how hard it is to do it all on your own. Prayers and Blessings for a speedy recovery!

sarah moore said...

Oh Katie!!! Just when you are on the home stretch!!! Poor Hannah and Katie. You do sound so strong when you write all this. I am so glad DH will be home so you can all get through this together as a family. Kids do seem to cope better with pain then adults!! But with the strength of her family beside her she will bounce right back.
Thinking of you all!!!

Buttercup said...

Katie!!! Good Lord girl, I was just thinking about you and I thought.."I have not read her blog for awhile" and then to read this!!I could say all the same things, as everyone else has..but to tell you the truth YOU are a very strong person and a great Mother. My thoughts are with you and the family. I am thankful that D will be home! Thank god, right!! Love you girl, I think about you so often! Love Kate

Karey in OK said...

Just found your blog, your family will definitely be in my prayers. I appreciate your husband serving our country and thank you for the sacrifice you all have made.
Saw the cover of the Holiday magazine with your 7 gypsies cards. Wow girl! I'd love to have one, but don't have the patience or the design imagination to complete something that elaborate.
May God's blessings be on you!

karen from creativetherapy said...

oh sweetie i am so sorry. i will be thinking good thoughts and sending speedy recovery your way the whole time!!

Lori Gentile said...

I'm so sorry. I will pray for all of you. I'm so glad you took her to see someone. When you finally get through the recovery, I'll bet she's happy as can be with her new legs.

Linda Rodriguez said...

Oh my goodness, Katie!! I hadn't checked in with you in a while and saw this. Poor, sweet Hannah, and poor you! I guess we just have to remember that this will all be worth it for her to be able to walk correctly and not have further problems down the line. Saying prayers that all goes well, and the recovery is quick! {{hugs}}

Camille said...

Oh my word Katie!

First off, You are amazing for listening to your feelings and having her checked out. I'm pretty sure I would have shrugged it off and missed it.

Second. Oh your little girl. What a tough think for her to have to go through. I feel awful for her. She must be very brave.

I pray everything will go well in the surgery and during recovery.

Christine said...

Oh, wow, Katie! I'm so sorry to hear what Hannah has to go along with the care that you will have to give to her! Thankfully, Derek will be home during the time she has her surgery. I will be praying for her and hoping that all will go well with the procedure and her recovery.

Hugs to you and her...