Monday, October 6, 2008

~Vintage Ribbon Treasure~Another Goodwill Find!

Ok, what could this bag possibly hold? It's a pretty big ziplock...hard to tell from a picture as you have no scale... Anyway, stopped at the Goodwill today, I know BIG surprise. Just ran in...on one hand hoping that I would find a treasure andon the other hand hoping that I wouldn't find a thing to save my pocketbook.
I found this bag of ribbon and other sewing odds & ends. I waited until I got home to open it...and WOW...a big ziplock can hold a TON of stuff.
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Some days I have good strokes of luck...and today was just one of them! I have been buying the Martha Stewart seam ribbon...for like $4ish (is that a word?) a roll...and look at ALL the seam ribbon that I got today for less then $5 (cause don't forget that I get 10% off for being a military spouse)....a very small benefit to having a husband that is never home....encourages you to go out and spend all your seapay at the for me..although I'd rather have him home.
There are some great vintage images on some of the snap packaging. Very cool little kids that I fully plan on using!
You know...I should start a Thrift Store Thursday...seriously..cause I really do get good buys and I make cool schtuff with the finds that I bring home...I have one all made up and ready to post that I did with my Kenner Road kit..maybe tomorrow!
Anyway, have a great night!


Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Hey, girl that is a fantastic find! I don't know what it is, but there is such gratification and satisfaction w/ones self when you find a deal like that! You go girl! The thing is to actually MAKE something out of it! lol My Mom is one of the world's greatist thrifters, but she now has so darn much stuff, that she couldn't possibly find something to do w/all of it. So, I kind of help her out a little and raid her stash when I visit. I love shopping at Mom's! ;)

lauren said...

niiiiiiiiccccccccce find!

Katie said...

Hi Katie...Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)...What a find from the goodwill! Nice goin'...Katie

Amy said...

oh my! So jealous of your vintage ribbon finding!

Karen said...

what an awesome score....i do the value village thing and 99% of the time there is nothing but i have scooped some cool buttons. pales in comparison to your luck on that one. i'm inspired and heading back over to see what i can find! congrats!