Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~My Friend Karen~

I have friend that I met a little over a year ago...she is one of those people that is VERY down to earth...she is wise and smart...and oh so talented. She is a deep person, a spiritual person and a talented writer and scrapbooker.
You might know her by her screen name Karenika or you might know her by the wonderful site that she started called Creative Therapy (which btw, Melody Ross is her guest artist this week)...but her name is Karen Grunberg and she is teaching a mini book class for NYC Scraps and it is sure to be a great experience.

Karen is doing a class giveaway on her blog and I am passing on the word!

I encourage you to check out her Creative Therapy site, her personal blog and her class called Holiday Mini Book Formulas at NYC Scraps! I think you will be inspired creatively and spiritually by her.
She encourages you to go past just the "pretty pretty" art and get deep inside yourself to create something that comes from your spirit. I like that a fact so much that I joined her Creative Therapy team....and am working on my first catalyst this week. I'll keep you posted on that later!

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