Saturday, April 11, 2009

I have a NEW BLOG!!

Well, I have been really unhappy with how un-cute (is that a word?) my blog has looked for the past couple of I decided to a new blog, new title and a fresh look!
I hired Holly McCaig to give my blog a make-over...and she did a fab I'm just trying to learn how to do all the fancy stuff!
All my posts from "She's Scrappy" are on the blog...and now for the new blog...Here is the story...

When I was a little girl, my Aunt Karen used to call me "Katie B" (my middle initial is B ) and I always thought that I would have some kind of crafting/art business and that I would name it "Katie Bee" Holly looked for me and that domain name was we came up with "KatieBeeCreative" and so therefore my new blog is named that!!

Notice the 3 little birds?
So, I hope you will come and visit me at KatieBeeCreative and Remember to update your links and feeds!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catching my breath.............

OK, I need to take a breath and catch up here....

First of class..enough sneak peeks, the details are ready.

The Queen of Today
@ Cool Scrapbook Stuff
Sunday, April 26th

another peek....(yes, I KNOW that I use these photos a lot...but I can't help it..they are just some of my favorite photos..that's the nice thing about mini' can use odds and ends or use your favorite photos in different books!)

There are kits available, they come with a CD with all the instructions and "how to" photos. I do not sell the kits personally, you need to contact Cool Scrapbook Stuff for them. She will ship them also.


I had the BEST time at Christine's retreat house....seriously, I laughed so hard I thought I might make a puddle on the beautiful wood floors....
I went with Gabrielle (who is a hoot and a pretty darn good mini album maker), Stacy (as sweet as can be and shares my love of old buttons and lace...and a darn beautiful scrapper, she's on the DT for Graphic 45 and now A Million Memories) and Michelle Quinn (gave me my first DT position!), the owner of AMM.

Christine's retreat house is just gorgeous.......every little detail was perfect!! The beds were even SUPER comfy...not that I got much sleep! I would go back every weekend if I could! She was a gracious host and a wonderful friend! She's also super can check out her blog HERE !

I got a long overdue project done for Chloe's (Michelle's daughter) room...a banner that I had saved the paper to make it with for about 3's a lavender and I used the Making Memories crackle/cabbage rose paper from forever ago (it's not even on their site anymore)...but it's a timeless paper so totally not out of style! I also finished a layout, a PP Blog Hop project, a MR blog project and another Pink Paislee altered project...I'll share all of them later, don't worry!

Ok, off to work on my Pink Paislee post for the morning!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pink Paislee Spring Blog Hop and Giveaway!! Starts Friday Morning at 9am !

It's time for the Pink Paislee Spring Blog Hop! Here are the details....Go to to find links to all the design teams blogs and then leave a comment on each persons blog to have a chance to win the prize pack below!

The drawing for the winners will be on Sunday so you MUST comment on my blog post (and all the other DT members blogs if you want!)to be entered into the giveaway!

So that you can get to know us all a little better, Rebecca wrote up a little questionnaire for us to all go to our blogs (by going HERE)and learn a bit about us and be inspired by our Pink Paislee Spring Projects!

My 11 Questions!!

1.) Where did you grow up? Do you still live there?
Are you ready for the list? Oh My....these are in chronological order....
Salt Lake City
Rhode Island
San Diego,California
Springfield, Va
San Diego, Ca
Corpus Christi, TX
Jacksonville, Fla
Oak Harbor, WA
Corpus Christi, TX
San Diego, Ca
Crazy, huh? I was a Navy brat and now a Navy wife!

2.) What is a typical day like for you?
Up at 7am, coffee, kids to school, coffee, computer, scrapbooking, house cleaning, crafting or scrapbooking, pick up kids, homework, dinner, TV or activity with kids, bedtime for kids, read or computer, bed at 11pm. Wake up at 3am, can't surf :)!!

3.) What is your favorite fashion accessory? Why?
My bird charm bracelet by bebeandyaya

4.) What is playing on your ipod right now?
Sadly, I don't have an ipod....:(

5.) Name one television show that you MUST TIVO each week?
The Biggest Loser

6.) What is your favorite movie of all time?
Knocked Up (I know, I know.........inappropiate..but it makes me laugh until I cry)

7.) What is your favorite Pink Paislee product?
The Pixee Stix for sure!! But a CLOSE second is the Vintage Moon Accents Pressons .

8.) If you could only keep 1 scrapbooking tool what would it be?
Fabri-Tac, my miracle glue!

9.) If you didn't scrapbook what other activity would you spend time on?
Crafting or painting.

10.) What advice would you give to someone who wants to start scrapbooking?
Do what works for YOU.

11.) What would you say your scrapbook style is today?
I would say kind of a "Shabby, Vintage Flea Market Look"...and oh yeah, busy, busy, busy!

OK, now for my Spring Project........I altered a left over glass jar from Prima flowers...I KNOW that you all have some of these! I just used Fabric-Tac to adhere it to the glass...and then adhered the cute little chicks and some Easter grass to the top. Curled and tied a bow around the lid and filled it with Spring M&M's! So easy!!

Have a Happy Spring and GOOD LUCK!!

I have had some emails about the "SPRING" stamp on the front of the bottle. I found some for sale HERE !!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Couple more Peeks and I'm outta here to a Scrap Retreat!

Ohhhh, my Maddy is a cutie pie...can you tell she is full of personality? These are a couple of pages from the book that I am doing for my next class. Sorry, that I don't have the info yet...have a few odds and ends to work out! The stuff is ordered and on it's way though so I can start packing kits. Yes, kits will be available but not through me, but through the store that I am teaching at. She will ship them also. I'll give you all the contact info soon! Promise!

This book is all about my youngest daughter being the queen of each and every one of her days. It's full of the fun things that she does day to day!

I am almost packed and ready to leave on a scrap retreat. I am SO ready. Derek just got back yesterday from a almost 3 week work up and I am D O N E !!
I am going to the beautiful retreat house that I told you about in an earlier's called Scrap Retreat House at French Valley. It's just above San I'll have the drive to chill and listen to my fave, Norah Jones...and then I'll get there and unload and start working on my next couple of classes or just scrap for the heck of it!!
It is a gorgeous house that is completely set up for scrappers or elegant and awesome!

I'll leave you with a layout (all Pink Paislee) that I did of my girls and my nieces....they are the cutest bunch together!

Hopefully I'll have lots to share with you after my retreat weekend!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sneak Peek of My Next Class!

That's it.....lots more to say but no time to say it. Once I have all the details worked out I will post them but for now I'll just leave you with this sneak.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

~Being her....~ Maya Road Girl Album

This is an older project of mine...but still one of my favorites. I have to admit that I was not into the girl album at all.... They just didn't fit with my shabby chic look.... but then I got it assigned by Maya Road...and I was stumped. I thought about it for a while and figured that I would just make the album fit "me" instead of making my work fit the album. So that's what I did and this is what I came up with!

I hope you have a great day!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Monday...and a Goodwill/ Creative Therapy Project!

Well, I don't know if I'm having a very happy Monday...Hannah wore herself out yesterday trying to keep up with the cousins and is really sore and just a little bit of an estrogen wreck today. She cried the whole way home from my sisters, she cried in bed until she fell asleep. She cried when she woke up this morning and cried straight until it was time to leave for school. I was mad,annoyed and worried all at the same time. Nothing like going to sleep to crying and waking up to it.

I think that she overworked her legs and it has made not only her legs sore but also her back. I also think that she is just not in a good place right now. She is just getting over a UTI and so I know that she is still feeling the effects of that...but the rest is straight and pure anxiety. Today would have been her first day having to walk to the lunch area and not taking the wheel chair and I think that she is really worried about that. Her teacher wouldn't push her to the point of pain, but she can't stay in the wheelchair forever. Ya know?

So, she is home from school...again...they will probably send the school police after me. She missed so much because of her legs and then the Flu and then the UTI. Man......oh least Maddy had a great morning!

So, Happy Monday!! I hope that yours started out more cheerful then mine. Oh yeah, she's not crying now but sleeping like a baby.

OK, so last weeks Creative Therapy Project was to create something around a memory with no photos. Many possibilities there...but as usual, I just let it take me where it would and this is what I ended up with.

If you want read the story behind why I created what I did the go to the Creative Therapy Site and see my story and a handful of other artists creations and stories (Including Jennifer McGuire)!

As usual, this was a find at the Goodwill that I knew could be transformed. Here is what it looked like when I got it.

Now so cute......It will be the perfect way to package a gift for someone in the Fall. Maybe put flowers in it, or a book...or some treats....or whatever fits.

I used the Pink Paislee Captivating line on this along with the Maya Road Metric Ruler Singleton Stamp (love that stamp, I use it a lot!).

Anyway, I hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Class Supply list for "Butterfly Kisses" class

I dropped off supply lists for my class when I dropped off the project but I know some of you have called and registered so you weren't able to get the supply list. So, just in case you are a blog reader here is the supply list.

Butterfly Kisses
Katie Watson
March 15th

A piece of sandpaper or sanding tool
Brown distress ink (I use Ranger Distress Ink-Walnut Stain)
Ink Blending Tool (I use the Ranger Inkessentials Blending tool and foam pad, it is the best) or ink dauber. We will need a good blended inked edge.
Paper Trimmer
Paper Piercer

Black Fine Tip Permanent Pen (I use Sharpie)
White Pen (I use the Signo-Uniball white Pen or the Ranger Inkessentials white pen)
Fine tip brown pen
Fabri-Tac by Beacon Adhesives (this is hands down the best paper crafting glue)
Cutting Mat
Finger Tip Exacto knife
Scrapbooking Tweezers (I use the Tweezer Bees...they help so much with the placement of small letter stickers!)

If you have it-
Martha Stewart Butterfly punch
Your favorite rub on tool (the rubons come with a Popsicle stick to use)

I used these size pictures on my pages- use this as a guide when printing out your pictures. I also just used various pictures that I love, images that I felt represented the “little girls” that I have. So lots of “Little Girl” moments!

Pg 1- 1 vertical wallet
Pg 2- 2 vertical wallets
Pg 3- 1 vertical wallet
Pg 4- 2 vertical wallets
Pg 5- 2 vertical wallets
Pg 6- 2 vertical wallets
Pg 7- 3 2x2 sized pictures
Pg 8- 2 vertical wallets

Your album depending on your pictures and titles may be a little different then mine but you will have all the same supplies that I had to make your album.
If you need any help feel free to contact me at .

Looking forward to our class. ~Katie

Thursday, March 12, 2009

~Need A Sweet Gift for Someone?~

My sisters birthday was last week and I got her a charm bracelet from Amy Hanson but I also got her a Starbucks Card.....but I wanted to make it feel more special then just a generic gift card.
I got these tins(For some reason it won't link directly to the tins, but follow the link and they are on page 4 of Metals)a while back from Paper Valise. I only bought 2, which now I am kicking myself for....cause I LOVE them.

ETA- I found it HERE also.

Anyway, so I used Pink Paislee products to fancy it up a bit. I used the 5th Avenue paper(still one of my favorite papers from Pink Paislee) from the Tinsel Town collection. I used the gingham Bewitching paper from the Fascinating Line,the Lunch Hour paper from the Office Lingo line, the Sweet Cakes Stamp set and the Sugar Plum Pixee Stix glitter.

I just traced the original Starbucks card holder to create my holder pattern and scored the fold lines and put it together with the products. It was pretty easy.

I used the heat gun to curl the ribbon that I tied on the tin and that's it. It was super fun to make and turned out really cute.

She loved it! So next time you need to give a gift card and need to spice it up a bit use a tin to make a homemade holder for it.!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Cutest Little Birdie......and Butterfly Class update!

My friend Wendy Vecchi is the most brilliant stamp artist...she made some birds that are so cute....I just had to share!! Go to her blog Studio 490 to see more! She used her new polka dot background stamp on them...and I am in love with her gingham one...oh dear..!

Go check out Wendy's can learn a million things there!

I have a class on Sunday of this week at Paper Tales.

I think I have a couple more spots left if you are interested in it. Michelle will also ship kits (Let her know if there is anything you want to add to your box as she has a wonderful selection of product and a TON of Maya Road). This is a product packed class and a really hard one to price because it is so full of stuff....anyway, the class is $40 and includes....

Maya Road Butterfly album- $5.20
Enchanting Chipboard Elements- full pack $5.50
Enchanting Sticker Book- $4.50
Enchanting Windsome alphabet stickers- $1.99
Enchanting Chipboard Letters- $4.50
Enchanting Brads- $3.99
Enchanting Press ons- $3.99
Enchanting patterned papers (6)- .69cents each
Enchanting Delicious die cut paper (2)- .99cents a sheet

OK, we are at $36 worth of product right now! But I'm not done...

Vintage Rose
Vintage Millinery flowers
1 yard crochet trim
1 yard brown gingham 7/8" ribbon
1/2 yard sage 7/8" ribbon
crystal Maya Road pin
Pearl Maya Road pin
4 Maya Road Vintage Flowers
Instructions and Photos of project -priceless

Do you see what I mean about I think there are 4 kits left....You can reach Michelle by going to the Paper Tales Blog.

That's it....for now..of course!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow and more kits available!

What a great class I had on Saturday. I love getting together with the women that take my classes. They are kind and fun and just wonderful. Sometimes I know them and most times I don't :) ! When you teach, there are definitely different kinds of groups. They are all great but there is that "feeling" with some groups. This was one of those groups that just had that great feeling. They were quiet (which sometimes scares I told home when the girls are quiet..that usually means "bad news"..they are up to something) and focused....and very sweet. They all did a great job and I even had some beginners in my class...who if they hadn't told me they were beginners, I would have never guessed. They were wonderful, really. I left my class very happy.

All went well, I only had 1 wrong measurement, but not so bad for writing instructions without the book (I left it at the store)..don't worry, those that ordered kits, Randy(i?) fixed the handouts for me.
So, like I said before, I get so worried before a class. Nervous that something will go really wrong. All went well for this class. Gena was more then, that woman has it together...she is one organized girl. She knows her business and is such a supportive and encouraging person.

I left my class and went straight to a work party for Derek. We met there after my class. He took the girls...and not that I'm controlling about what my girls wear...but there is a line that I just don't cross...and he does. They were semi-matching (ignoring the fact that Maddy had sweat pants on that said "hoops" right across her butt....a bunch of biggie ;) and comfy....but the hair was a let's just call it full-bodied. Which is actually OK....nobody in my family has to be perfect, they just have to be nice. That's my only requirement...well, I guess that's not entirely 17 year old son just has to get through the day without punching someone out..and we'll call it a good day.

OK, so ANYWAY....(I'm a rambler...really...I would be a good hotline operator).... My class SOLD OUT......and all the kits too....and Gena has convinced me to do some more kits. So, I am going to offer a few more (I just put in my order to PP and MR). So, if you want a kit of my class (worth the money in product, trust me) and full set of instructions and pictures then just call Cool Scrapbook Stuff and you can put in an order. They take Paypal and will ship it to you. I do have a few things on my supply list that you may need for the class, Gena will be happy to add what you need to your shipment. She also has EVERYTHING under the if there is a certain line that you are looking for (HERE is a list of some stuff she has)...just ask...because chances are, she has it and she would be happy to stick it in your box.

Here is the supply list-

“Lucky Me”
Katie Watson
Supply List
(Most supplies should be in stock at the store, ask for help locating them)

Please bring with you-A piece of sandpaper or sanding tool
Brown distress ink(I use Ranger Distress Ink-Walnut Stain)
Ink Blending Tool (I use the Ranger Inkessentials Blending tool and foam pad, it is the best) or ink dauber. We need a good blended inked edge.
Corner Rounder
Paper Trimmer
Paper Piercer
Black Fine Tip Permanent Pen
(I use Sharpie)
White Pen (I use the Signo-Uniball white Pen or the Ranger Inkessentials white pen)
Fabri-Tac by Beacon Adhesives (this is hands down the best paper crafting glue)
White acrylic paint
Paint brush or foam brush
Ranger Crackle Paint (Blue Jeans)
Rubon tool
Fiskars Threading Water Punch

Martha Stewart Rose Leaf punch
Scrapbooking Tweezers (I use the ones made by Fiskars called Tweezer Bees, I have found that it is so much easier to glue and adhere elements using these, they are not essential but a definite luxury)

This class will be a little bit different then my usual class. Normally, you would just make the exact same book or project. This time it will be a bit more of a creative journey for you. You will have ALL the same supplies that I used to make this book. Your cover will be the same and the basic ingredients of each page will be the same as the sample but your details will be different. You will have different pictures so your titles will be different. Your titles will match your pictures so depending on the size of your title, it may change your pages a bit. I will have pictures and sketches of each page for you so it will make it easy to customize your pages. I used special pictures, all things that make me feel “Lucky”, big things and little random things. I converted them all to black and white so that I had a flowing scheme but also so that they matched each other. Below is a list of all the sizes and orientation of each picture. Please remember that you will have 3 different alphabets and lots of different embellishments so that you can work it around whatever size photos that you want. The paper on each page is 5 ¾ x 5 ¾ so I mostly used cropped 4x6 photos.
If you have any questions prior to class please email me at
This is a list of the size photos that I used. Some of them have been cropped prior to being adhered. Use it as a guide.
4x6 vertical orientation photos-6
4x6 horizontal orientation photos-3
3 ½ x 5 horizontal photo -1
3x4 vertical photo-1
3x4 horizontal photo-1

If you have any questions, just let me know. I'll be happy to answer them.

Have a great Day!

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Lucky Me" class tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day....the day that I teach the "Lucky Me" class. I get so nervous the night before making sure that I have everything, preparing for any things that might come up...making sure that the kits are packed properly and worrying that I Will make a fool of myself teaching...or have bad breath or a bra strap showing... but I love it...and once I start teaching, I'm fine...I'm in my little world. I love getting to know the ladies and I love to see them learn something and especially love to see their finished projects.

I believe that the class is full but I do have some extra kits available. So you can contact the store ( Cool Scrapbook Stuff ) and she will ship them to you if you want. The kits will come with complete instructions and pictures of the project. The kit is packed full of every thing you need for the project besides basic supplies. You will have leftovers also.

This album is getting published so after my class the pictures will be unavailable but if you order a kit the pictures will come with the instructions.

So wish me luck on my class tomorrow!

Oh yeah, check out my post on the Pink Paislee blog.... HERE to see pictures of my layout that I did using the new lines.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Limbo..............and not loving it.....

I would say that there is no way I could sum up what it feels like to be in limbo when you are a military wife. It is a part of your life, a part of who you are...we live in the constant waiting mode.....waiting on orders, waiting on sea schedules, waiting on houses, waiting, waiting, waiting......never knowing what you are doing next and not being able to count on anything. The military owns you and they dictate so much.
I think that nobody sums it up like Leah Killian.....her post on "Limbo" is just right on target. I have it bookmarked and go and read it sometimes (I know very weird....but It makes me feel better to hear someone else feel the same way I do) the way you should check out her blog Life As Lou, it's really real, interesting and super fun. Not to mention that she is a rocking scrapbooker!

Anyway....I have no curtains up, hardly anything on my walls....stuff is not arranged the way I want it..I need a new TV stand...all these things....but I cannot spend the money or the time because at the drop of a hat we will be moving.
We are up for orders..we leave beginning of's MARCH and we have heard husband is starting work ups again...and if I knew that we were for sure going to shore duty next and for sure staying here in San Diego, I would make my house work and it would be easier to deal with the coming and going of Derek if I knew that it was temporary...

We will probably buy a house (as I cannot stand the rental brown carpet anymore and the lady that screams 24/7 in Arabic at her kids that lives behind me...well, she just might make it until next week as I cannot stand her ruining a perfect Spring afternoon with her constant screaming anymore)and I will have curtains on EVERY window...and the right shaped rugs..and make my bedroom pretty...and get the odds and ends of the crap in the boxes in the garage organized...if I just knew that it wasn't a waste of time.

I need to figure out what I am doing with the rest of my life. Like, maybe a career....something that brings in a steady paycheck. So, do I go back to school, do I take some kind of job training, do I get a job...what to do...but I can't start anything until we know for sure where we will be.

I need some grounding in my life. I have been a gypsy for too long. I'm ready for a forever house. A house that is mine, a neighborhood that I invest myself into, friends that I can meet for coffee....a husband that comes home every night....seems so far away sometimes. Derek retires in 4 years. What he does next, we don't know...but for now, I'll just keep waiting...

Oh hey, a little sunshine for me...this is what I bought for my birthday...all for know my thing about birds and how happy they make me. I bought it from Amy's Etsy shop called Bebe and Yaya. Her work is incredible..and I love her blog also!

Friday, February 27, 2009

~Spring is in the Air~

Just wanted to share a little project that I did yesterday with the February Kenner Road Kit.


I think I amazed myself that I got the box in the mail at noon, opened it and within an hour figured out a cute use for the old spool and finished the project. It was pretty fast. It is much cuter in real life then in the don't get a proper sense of scale from pictures.
I used a Maya Road butterfly page from the Chipboard Butterfly album and traced it onto this cute Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday paper...It almost killed me to cut into this paper but I had to do it at some point.....used another piece of the Girl Friday paper on the bottom and a title from the Girl Friday Elements quote paper.
The bottom of the project is made using an empty ribbon spool (Told you Michelle, I would do something cute with it) that Michelle gave me at Paper Tales....I bought the rest of the bakers twine that was on it..and she gave me the spool. After seeing Danielle Flanders cute CHA project using ribbon spools...I was hooked!

Anyway, I used Fabri-Tac of course....sticks stuff like crazy. Love, love, love that stuff (and when I write 3 loves, it means I seriously love it). It's liquid gold in a bottle! And NO, I don't work for them or even know them...just love that dang glue!

I am also addicted to curling ribbons now that I know how....thanks to fellow Maya Road DT member, Andrea Wiebe.....look HERE to learn how.

Anyway, enjoy....although I'm still enjoying our mild winter here in San Diego, I know that some of you are counting the days until Spring. So, here's a glimpse of it!

Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~PS-I Love You~ Maya Road Blog

I had the blog today for Maya Road and after a few times of my computer shutting down (it's my computers new favorite hobby) I finally got it finished. This is a peek at my project using the Airmail MailBox (comes with a stamp edge mini album too)...



You can see more pictures of the Airmail Mail Box plus the supply list and directions if you go to the Maya Road Design Team Blog.

Have a great Day!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~This is where I need to go....~

I have a friend named Christine Penaflor, I met her while we served together on the DT at A Million Memories. She is a super talented scrapper and paper crafter (elegant, beautiful, dreamy, shabby chic)but aside from her talent..she is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet.

There are few people like her, really there aren't. Just out of the blue she'll send you a present in the mail to tell you she's thinking of you, or knows someone is sick and will send a handmade card. Her gifts are always well thought out...and she always includes some little handmade embellies or a handmade card..always something sweet that she made for you.

About a month ago, she told me about something that she was working on....hmmm..what could it be..well, she has a beautiful house up in the wine country (just north of San Diego)...that she was turning into a scrap retreat. Well, if you know her work then you know she doesn't do anything half I KNEW that it would be gorgeous.

It's called the Scrap Retreat House at French Valley California.

Well, it is gorgeous but I was shocked at how much thought she put into here..........

The largest room in the retreat home is the crop area which is over 500 square feet and dedicated for the use of weekend retreat guests. This elegantly appointed room boasts custom built coffered ceilings and a mirrored wall surrounded by beautiful moulding. Nine recessed lights provide daylight lighting ideal for scrapbooking. The overhead surround sound speaker system is connected to the digital stereo receiver equipped with an iPod docking station where guests are welcome to listen to their favorite music playlists.
Each guest is treated to their own six-foot long table which provides a spacious area to freely create their projects. Guests are provided with comfortable leather task chairs which easily move on casters as they work at the tables. Each table is also equipped with a daylight lamp for detail work and a power strip to conveniently connect laptops or other electronic devices.

Separate tool areas and a computer station is available within the crop room.

A computer workstation is equipped with a desktop computer with WiFi internet access. The computer is installed with the Cricut Design Studio software and is connected to a Cricut. A library of 14 Cricut cartridges is available for use.

Plus there are a ton of other tools and die cut systems available. Does this look nice or what?

It is lovely....and would be perfect for an event or just hanging with thinking cap is on for this....I would love to plan something...just gotta work out the details.
Anyway, The Scrap Retreat at French Valley is a dream come true for my friend Christine and I am so happy for her!!

Oh yeah, and it looks like I'm going March 27-29...Derek will have just gotten back from being gone for 3 it will be a much looked forward to break!