Saturday, December 6, 2008

~Going Banner Crazy!~

Ok, it's official...I'm in LOVE with banners (do not tell my husband that I might love banners more then him...well not really, but it's close)! They are so festive and can sure soften up harsh lines (as you'll see later in my post)!

So, I have a friend named Lori Gentile who is a quiet little mouse but a super talented one and a very, very kind and sweet person. She has done some videos to go with some kits from A Million Memories. I just wanted to share with you some of her work. She made a video with her banner and some cute very ornaments.
Click on the photos to make them full size...sorry, my blog cuts them off, but if you click on them they come up bigger!

Her video is HERE. The AMM kits are HERE and HERE(this is the kit you can purchase to make the projects that she demonstrates).

So, speaking of banners....I have been busy making them also...and can't get enough. I'm rather fast at them now.
This is one that I made for my husband's aunt. We went to Julian to stay the night before Thanksgiving and I took all my supplies and made a Thankful banner. This is it hanging on my in-laws fireplace, pictures aren't great, sorry.

I had in my stash waiting for the perfect project..the October Afternoon Holiday line (it is so darn cute) and made it into a banner...remember when I mentioned above that a banner softens lines...well, I have this awful arrangement on our living room wall (I got tired of staring a white wall that was waiting for me to figure out what to put up...I'm still looking, but in the meantime put up a bunch of odds and ends from our garage)'s is too many needs something but for now the banner is super cute (or was, it's on loan to Paper Tales for a display)...and softens up all those angles.

The pipe cleaner candy canes are from Paper Tales also...they are reproduction and look like the real thing.

Speaking of Paper Tales, I have a class there tomorrow with lots of Maya Road and Pink Paislee Tinsel Town stuff...and I'm ready to go...

IGNORE the Dixie cups....they are just to hold stuff until I get to the store and can put them in these!
(Thank you Kerry Lynn for the vintage paper(I made the cones out of it)in this months kit from Kenner Road, we got a ton of it!!)
One more thing about Paper Tales......when I went in to pick up some class supplies...I saw these houses.......

Oh My Dear...I have been looking for these things forever....and Michelle has them, they just came in..3 different sizes...the big one is about 11 inches it's SOON as I do something with them I will post them on my blog...she only has about 12 sets as of yesterday, so you should get them while you can.

I had Pink Paislee Blog post yesterday...we are doing a cool thing, all the DT members made 2 ornaments to put together for a charity event at an LSS. We have saved the pictures though to do a Dec event..each day we will be posting our I made 3 and they are HERE...but here is one of them. I know, another banner piece, told's pure love.

Maya Road is having a warehouse sale again...last time they sold out in 36 hours...$45 for $125 worth of stuff..the details are HERE.


Virginia said...

Good gravy, that October Afternoon banner is ADORABLE! I've been hoarding that line of papers for something special- I know what I am going to do with them now! Thanks for the inspiration!

Lori Gentile said...

Katie, thank you for the shout out! *Smooches*

Your banners are stunning! Don't stop making them!!! I love them all.


Girl you are the most creative person I have ever seen!
Love it all!!!
I love your "stuff outta the garage" wall too.. fabulous!!
Have a wonderful class!!

sandra lee said...

Thank you for such a great time at Paper Tales and teaching the Banner Class! It was so much fun and now I think I love banners more than my husband...only kidding. What a fun group of girls and especially those gals from Paper Tales. Have a wonderful Holiday and hope to see you in the New Year! My blog (forgot to give it to you) :)

Anonymous said...

WOWWWW~ You're banners are GORGEOUS! I know that whenever I stop by your blog I'm going to find a treat! Thanks for mentioning Lori's cute projects too!

Michelle @ AMM

Queen of Paper said...

I love everything you make!!!! OH MY WORD... THESE ARE ALL SO GORGEOUS

Carmen Perez said...

Katie, these are GORGEOUS!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

gorgeousness all around... you're awesome!

Kim, kimmy, kimmie said...

Hi Katie,

I know you don't know me but I have been following your blog ever since the 7Gypsie Photo Holder. I wanted to let you know that I have given you a Blogger Award on my site. I just love all your work!! If I lived closer I would definatly take your classes!!!

Ali Hayward said...

Had so much fun at your banner class at Paper Tales! Thanks so much...Everytime I look at my banner I am so amazed that I actually made it! :)

kerry lynn said...

you are amazing!
the cones are fab!!!