Monday, December 15, 2008

5 part Video Series- Holiday House Tutorial

Yay!! My Dear Sweet Hubby figured out how to post the video of the Holiday House Tutorial that I made. This was a first and it turned out pretty long, so it's in 5 parts...maybe next time I can figure out how to do it a little easier...but this was a chore. Not to mention the few cuts he had to make of me messing around...I did a few screw ups.
So, I am NOT a professional on video and since I was still in my pj's I wouldn't let him film me...and my crap is piled everywhere...I really thought it was a practice run, but it was a ton of work (for us first timers) so I didn't want to take the time to start over. Plus, I have crafter hands..yep, these almost 38 year old hands have seen a lot of stuff...if only hands could talk!
I'm a chatty I talk you through each step and kind of don't stop talking...Sorry, it's just me.
I know that the quality is hard to see the details..and I am working on pics of the details on the next house that I am working on so then I can post some close up pics of the steps..but for now, this will have to do.
I used Pink Paislee Jack Frost Snowflake paper, it's so pretty in the light because it is actually a metallic it's glimmery. I accented with Silver Berry Pixie Stix glitter.
The windows are made from the Maya Road Scallop Frames. The scallop border was made from the Maya Road Border Sheet.

The houses are made by Craft Pedlar.

I use Fabri-Tac by the gallon (and is what I used on this project)'s the best glue I ever met.
I also use Designer Art Glitter Glue for ALL my glittering. It also rocks!

I use the Finger Tip Craft Knife (razor knife with incredible control)by Fiskars throughout the project. I also use the Tim Holtz Tonic Scissors.

Of course the Treading Water Punch by Fiskars is pretty important, yep..couldn't make the roof without it.

Holiday House Video Part 1

Holiday House Video Part 2

Don't get confused, I was working on my 3rd house and thought that I needed to make the window cutting more clear, so I redid that part with a different house...Then it was too hard to cut it stays.

Holiday House Video Part 3

Holiday House Video Part 4

Holiday House Video Part 5

OK, so please...remember that this was a test...and I am not that great on I was winging was only my 2nd house that I I was a little shaky.


Sharon Romine said...

I just watched all the videos and they are WONDERFUL!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I just received the houses that I ordered from Rusty Tin and can't wait to start decorating them, thanks to your great instructions.

Lori Gentile said...

Katie, your house is stunning! That roof is amazing!!!! I love the videos! Thank you!

Scrapcrazywomen said...

Katie...The video was great! But you know now we are going to want a live tutorial on all of your specialty items that you make. Those houses are too cute but I have not seen them anywhere here in DFW area. Have a great day and thanks again for the video.

lauren said...

How awesome is this?!? Thanks so much for sharing!

Mindy said...

That was very VERY cool! Thanks for taking the time to share with us how to make them :-)

Anonymous said...

you go many great techniques!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

they are just stunning!!

Alessandra said...

Katie, the video is awesome!!! Great job for a first time! Keep them coming it was like having a class with you, I love it!!! And thank you so very much for sharing this great project! Merry Christmas! Oh, and congrats to hubby too!!!

Pamela said...

I love your blog and left you an award on my blog. :)

kerry lynn said...

you are so fantastic!!
thanks for sharing the video sweetie.

PattiHutch said...

You are SERIOUSLY talented my friend!! I LOVE these little houses and the tricks you showed really make them "look" easy!!!


All of this time I have been using that dratted punch backwards!!!! Thanks for all of the insight....that is why you are the Queen of Craftin'!!!
I love these houses!!

Lia said...

oh Katie Katie Katie!! You're a star!! Y'know, I think DHL has some pretty big boxes that can fit the Holiday House to Singapore ... *ahem* lol!

Kirsten said...

Seriously so cute and inspiring. Thanks for sharing - now I'm fired up to make some of my own!

Katherine said...

Oooh I loved the videos! So detailed and easy to follow! Now I've got to go find some little houses to decorate! Thank you for sharing your work and directions!

LindaSonia said...

Great job!! and I appreciated all the tips. Thanks for sharing. LindaSonia

Danielle said...

Loved all your videos! Fun to see you in action! =)

Linda Cain said...

Absolutely Amazing!!!!!! I LOVE those houses. I've only got one, but I NEED the other 2, TFS! Great video, and the DH has a steady hand for filming...good team!
Linda Cain

Smart said...

Fantastick video.Thnx for sharing this.
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