Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~This is where I need to go....~

I have a friend named Christine Penaflor, I met her while we served together on the DT at A Million Memories. She is a super talented scrapper and paper crafter (elegant, beautiful, dreamy, shabby chic)but aside from her talent..she is one of the nicest people that you will ever meet.

There are few people like her, really there aren't. Just out of the blue she'll send you a present in the mail to tell you she's thinking of you, or knows someone is sick and will send a handmade card. Her gifts are always well thought out...and she always includes some little handmade embellies or a handmade card..always something sweet that she made for you.

About a month ago, she told me about something that she was working on....hmmm..what could it be..well, she has a beautiful house up in the wine country (just north of San Diego)...that she was turning into a scrap retreat. Well, if you know her work then you know she doesn't do anything half way...so I KNEW that it would be gorgeous.

It's called the Scrap Retreat House at French Valley California.

Well, it is gorgeous but I was shocked at how much thought she put into it.....read here..........

The largest room in the retreat home is the crop area which is over 500 square feet and dedicated for the use of weekend retreat guests. This elegantly appointed room boasts custom built coffered ceilings and a mirrored wall surrounded by beautiful moulding. Nine recessed lights provide daylight lighting ideal for scrapbooking. The overhead surround sound speaker system is connected to the digital stereo receiver equipped with an iPod docking station where guests are welcome to listen to their favorite music playlists.
Each guest is treated to their own six-foot long table which provides a spacious area to freely create their projects. Guests are provided with comfortable leather task chairs which easily move on casters as they work at the tables. Each table is also equipped with a daylight lamp for detail work and a power strip to conveniently connect laptops or other electronic devices.

Separate tool areas and a computer station is available within the crop room.

A computer workstation is equipped with a desktop computer with WiFi internet access. The computer is installed with the Cricut Design Studio software and is connected to a Cricut. A library of 14 Cricut cartridges is available for use.

Plus there are a ton of other tools and die cut systems available. Does this look nice or what?

It is lovely....and would be perfect for an event or just hanging with friends....my thinking cap is on for this....I would love to plan something...just gotta work out the details.
Anyway, The Scrap Retreat at French Valley is a dream come true for my friend Christine and I am so happy for her!!

Oh yeah, and it looks like I'm going March 27-29...Derek will have just gotten back from being gone for 3 weeks...so it will be a much looked forward to break!


Cheryl McK said...

Sounds like PARADISE, and so close to home (El Cajon!!) ARe you "hosting" the weekend you are going or going with someone else just to scrap? If you're hosting, I'd love to know the details.

Cheryl McKinney (Met you once quickly at Scrapbook Attic!)

Shelley Haganman said...

Good for you Katie! You need a break and I can't think of a better way to spend one than at the Retreat!I wish I lived nearby! It looks wonderful! And you get a WHOLE table to yourself!! Wow!!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Yup I have a blog and would like you to email me, please I can give you info on the kits, Jess and Lisa have theirs.

Lisa T. Howard said...

What a fantastic get-away! Wish it was a bit closer to home for me. Hope you enjoy your much needed rest time! Happy Wednesday!

carmen said...

Wow Katie, I'm so jealous! this pleace is gorgeous. wish we had one of those here in TX. (lol..).

cindy said...

My neighbor and I have been looking for a place to go scrap for a weekend... thanks for posting about this... yea~!!!