Sunday, August 3, 2008

~To God....Love, Maddy~

The girls are dealing with Ian's death pretty well considering that he was their favorite uncle (don't take it personally Jake, Ian is way cooler then you!! :) )....they understand that he is gone. I don't know how much they get of the situation though. Anyway, Maddy (she's 6) brought this note to God down to me the other made me cry. Remember, she's I'll translate for you.

God, Please Take Care of my Uncle. He has a great soul. He was 19. He is very handsome. Please, please take good care of him.


Carmen Perez said...

Oh, Katie, this was so sweet of Madi to do. She's such a lovely child. I hope you are doing better. I'm still praying for you and your family. Take care my friend!

Anonymous said...

What a special little girl Madison is, Katie. This is so tender and loving and just breaks my heart that she has to lose someone that she loves so much. Life just isn't fair sometimes.

I know that you are an amazing mommy and will have all of the right things to say to your girls when they have questions or feel sad. God bless your family.



She is such a sweet girl.
(I feel though I know you through looking at all of your mini albums and wonderful layouts and projects.)
So sorry your Family has experienced such a loss and continued prayers for all of you.

Anonymous said...

I know this may sound random, but I some how came across your blogspace and wanted to send a short note. I did not get to meet you, but I was at Ian's memorial. I am a friend of his that lives in Chula Vista. I am so sorry for your loss. He is an amazing boy. I feel a huge loss with him gone. I am grateful to have met him and my family to have known him. If possible, I would like you to contact me via my email. My name is Evelyn, and my mom was the one who made the red ribbons at Ian's memorial. My email is Again, my prayers are with you all.