Monday, September 1, 2008

~Why it's hard to see Daddy~

A couple of months ago Derek sent a video that they made on the ship for the kids. It was him talking and then reading a couple of books. But the that it makes my girls SO sad.
Well, they are trying to put together a cruise book (like a yearbook type of thing..just an FYI for you non-military types) and want pictures of kids watching the videos that their parent made.
Derek has been bugging me for weeks...but just like the's hard to see him and not feel this overwhelming sense of homesickness...(I say this because he IS my's strange..but we are so temporary with duty stations so my family has become my home)..anyway, so I tried. I really did try. This is what I got....

So Daddy, we LOVE you....but it's so hard to see you and not feel sad! We will try again tonight for pictures!


Anonymous said...

So Maddy! And sweet little Hannah trying so hard.



They are so sweet. Hope the time goes by fast and their Daddy will be home soon!

Shemaine said...

What a beautiful thing to share on your blog and so touching too. I hope your girls find away to pass the time til their Daddy returns. Your Blog is amazing, I check in often :)