Friday, September 19, 2008

~YEE HAW~ an oldie but goodie!

So Maddy's birthday reminded me of an album that I did last year. It was way before Maya Road or Pink Paislee. I was doing work for a company that makes board books called C&T Publishing.
They sent me this cowboy boot book to do....well, lucky for me...Maddy's last birthday in Texas, we had a cowboy/cowgirl party. So I had pictures, thank goodness. So this is what I created. I actually whipped out the Jolee's stash I had. She loved the book...but we don't get it back..but at least I have pictures. I'll recreate it in some form or day (yeah right!).
So low and behold...I go to CHA-W and it's the last day of the show about 30 minutes before the show ended. Wendy and I went to grab a bite to eat...and when I turned around, a familiar image caught my eye....lucky me to get to see my big form and on the packaging.

Just wanted to share. I had so much fun making this little album. Have a great day!



Amazing as always and what a honor to be on their packaging! I hope you DO get it back one day. It is so unique!
Hope the walk for Ian goes well.

Greta Adams said...

oh katie...that book album is awesome!! you are one scrappy momma!!

thank you so much for your donation and i am very sorry about the loss in your family! i see you have MADD on your sidebar....i was apart of that in high school (way back when)...such a senseless tragedy...

Anonymous said...

See your moving up in the world - how exciting to see your work on the package - bet Maddy was too! How was the walk today?

Danielle said...

That book is just too cute! You are the MASTER of minis!!

Staci Compher said...

oh my gosh !! that is so cool that the pic is on the packaging!!! I would be flippin' out...Congrats...and the book is adorable...of course!!