Sunday, January 11, 2009

Found it...Tammy Kay's tutorial on the book page flowers!

Sorry, the little slip of paper with your email address disappeared on finally, very late, this is for you sweet girl!
Tammy Kay Flower Tutorial
Vicki Chrismans Paper Flowers
Rebecca Sower's paper flowers
Lisa Pace Rosettes
These were all found on Scrapscene!

ETA- I laid in bed last night...remembering that I had seen another cool tutorial for a vintage looking shabby flower...I got up and looked through a bunch of sites that I follow and found it.........
Kenner Road Flower Tutorial

SO now, I am off to bed!! I am far too old to be up this late...but the flower link promised in my class has been on my mind!
Night Night, Katie


samanthasibbet said...

AHH...thank you Katie. thanks for remembering. I tried one already today and plan on having a go w all the other flowers, thanks for the assortment! Funny, I just watched your house video last night. I bought a house at Paper Tales yesterday and I think I will pass on the threading water roof and go with a pink glitter roof instead!!!! Thanks for all the ideas and techniques. You're Fabulous! Hope you find a way to get some rest. XO, Samantha

Tammy Kay said...

You are very sweet to link me to your blog. I am so glad you like the flowers. Always a big fan of your work. Just Gorgeous!!!