Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I flew into Hawaii last week to meet Derek's ship....I was so excited and this was my first time in Hawaii. What a beautiful place! I got there the night before Derek's ship pulled in so I had time to meet up with Molly Peckham and hang out! She took me to a cool little Hibachi Grill and we dined local style. We actually got the table all to ourselves and pretty much talked scrappy stuff throughout the night. She was super nice in person, gave me a great tour of the island and weathered the many phone calls from Maddy...who was desperately missing me and had a pretty bad night...Sorry Molly! It was so neat to meet one of my scrappy friends in person. Thanks Molly!!

Early the next morning, I hitched a ride with one of the other wives and we went to meet the ship at the ungodly hour of 6:30am...but when we got there we were met with this beautiful rainbow....

Pretty soon, the ship rounded the corner of the harbor and it was the most majestic sight.....made my heart swell with pride. The USS Ronald Reagan is a massive don't do it justice. There are about 5,000 men and women on this is a floating city. The men lined the deck dressed in their dress whites...such a sight to see!

So, when the ship finally docked....right in front of it was a perfect rainbow. A different one then in the picture before. It had it's own was so cool. My picture doesn't do it justice....I took it through the rain and kind of far away.

Derek and I spent about 3 days in Hawaii...and relaxed, caught up on life, I read 3 books (I'm a super fast reader)...and we lots of little Hawaiian gifts for the family. It was nice to have some alone time before we jumped right back into family life.
We got back to San Diego Thursday night...and the girls were so excited to see Derek! They had made signs and were jumping up and down waiting for him to get down the escalator. Hannah cried and Maddy was all smiles.

So, now we're home...and life is slowly easing back to normal. I have to say that it's a little bit of a transition....Derek keeps moving stuff around...and I can't find things....he leaves the toilet seat up....and does guy he's getting used to my messy ways and I'm getting used to his organized ways...and we are all getting back to being a family with 2 parents.
So, I do have some scrappy things to share...but the family is waiting on me to leave...we're going to Julian to stay at his folks house again (just got back last night from their house, but going again for Thanksgiving) I have to go now....but will do a good scrappy post next time!!
Have a great Thanksgiving!


Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Oh Katie, what a nice reunion for your family. I am happy for you & your kids.

Lori Gentile said...

Ah Kaite! Your post made me cry. I have been thinking about you and your trip non stop. I'm so happy for you and yours. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Scrapcrazywomen said...

Im with Lori, your post was so happy I did cry also. Congrats on having your family back together again. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving...many blessings to your family from mine!


Sarah L Moore said...

AH Katie so glad your DH is safely home!!!Hope you all have a fantastic thanks giving holiday!! Its interesting when they first come home after a long time away...adjusting!! LOL


Sheila R said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving being together as a family.


What a wonderful Homecoming!
So happy for you that enjoyed your little get away and that Daddy is home once again!!!
Blessings for a wonderful Holiday Season!

Leah C said...

How nice it must be to have your family together again...hope you had a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa said...

So happy for you Katie. Enjoy your dear family.

shelley said...

Oh my gosh I am crying while I am reading this post! I am so happy you and the girls got to reunite with your husband. This is what Thanksgiving is all about. BTW thank your husband for me for keeping my children and me safe!! Shelley

Sharon Romine said...

I am so happy for you that your husband is home and in time for the holidays. It must be so very difficult for military families to endure extended absences. I have been married for 45 years and don't like to be apart from my husband for very long at a time.
Happy Holidays!!!

kerry lynn said...

this is SO wonderful katie!!!
yay for happy homecomings!

Sue K in Texas said...

I was just sitting at the computer bloghopping through my list of favorite sites and came across yours. Haven't been here in a while and wanted to see what's going on your world. As I scrolled down and saw the ship, I knew INSTANTLY that it was the USSRR. My daughter deployed on her (second deployment - first was on the USS Belleau Wood) and then finished out her 20 years and retired two years ago. We flew into San Diego for the ceremony; that in itself was a treat. A few days later, we were able to tour the ship. I told my daughter that that was one of the highlights of my LIFE. Truly. One of her shipmates took us all around and showed us so many things. We were on board for over three hours and only saw a portion of her. Absolutely amazing. I still get chills when I think about that flight deck - goodness me! What a wonderful reunion for your family. Be happy and continue to "adjust" and in no time at all, you'll feel like he's been home with no interruptions. Be happy!