Friday, June 27, 2008

~I know it's been forever.....~

Yep, I'm a blogger LOSER!! I am.....I have been SOOOO busy since Derek left that I just had to let a few things besides my figure and the was the blog. But I'm back..and I'll try to be better about keeping it updated. So let's see what's new......Ummm...we moved to a much better neighborhood on a WAY less busy street and are away from our crazy landlord (long story)...but I will say this, if you EVER have a weird feeling about it!! Learned that lesson for about the 100th time in my life.
So, I'm coping as well as would be expected....maybe....trying to raise 2 little girls and one very big teenage boy can be very exhausting at times...the difference in interests and ages is hard. I miss my husband very much. I knew that we were partners but it'd been a couple of years since I had last been so harshly reminded of it....I hate sea duty.
So, since I'm not feeling very patriotic...I thought I would post these pictures of my girls and nieces saying goodbye to my husbands ship. Maybe it'll make me feel more like a proud Navy wife, instead of a very overwhelmed, lonely pathetic excuse for one!!


Anonymous said...

so, i guess that means that you ARE alive! I've emailed 3 times now.... PLEASE email me back - i'm worried about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


shelley said...

I am so glad I kept checking!! I am glad your back! Thanks for all your kind words about my Vintage Photo album for Maya Road. I loved your garage sale story too! :) Shelley

Sharon said...

So glad to hear you are back in the blogging world. I hope your husband's sea duty goes fast and he will soon be home with you and your kids.


Melissa said...

Hi Katie,
I know you don't know me, but I felt compelled to write you a little note to let you know that I think you're wonderful. I know for a fact I would be feeling a lot of the same things as you if I had to sacrifice like you are. It's ok to feel the things you are feeling---I wish it could be easier---but thankfully you have a deep love and commitment to your sweet husband and family and that will help you through hopefully when things seem to hard to bear.
Big hugs and thank you so much for your beautiful work. You inspire so many and bring happiness into our lived through your amazing creations.

Christine said...

So glad to see you posting on your blog again, Katie! It's so good to hear that you're in a better neighborhood now, and I hope that Derek comes home to you soon!

You must have been busy lately with all the projects for the DT's you're on for CHA, but I hope that you're taking time out for yourself, too! Keep in touch...I would love to hear from you! ;-)

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend! :)

Tonya said...

Welcome back Katie!!! Sorry life is kinda sucky right now. I can't imagine how difficult being a "single" parent when you really aren't one must be! Hugs to you, hope the skies clear soon.