Friday, March 21, 2008

An email from Daddy

Hi Girls!!

I sure miss you guys! I love you lots and lots, and am thinking about
you every day while I am out at sea. My ship is not as nice as the one
we went on, but it is very big. We have ice cream sometimes, but not as
good as the ice cream on the ship we went on. I miss the chocolate
sprinkles we had. We don't have a pool either.
My roommate is a preacher, have Mom explain what that means. He is nice,
but very quiet. I showed him your school pictures, and he said you two
are very beautiful.
Mom said you had fun up in San Elijo, where auntie and Vico were
camping. We will have to go camping some time soon, I miss it, and it is
fun to have campfires.
You and Mom will be REALLY busy getting your stuff and the house ready
to move to the new house. I wish I was there to help, make sure you give
Mom lots of help. I bet you are excited to go to the new house,
especially since there is a girl you know right down the street. You
will still be in the same school, which is good, and now you should be
able to ride your bikes and jeeps a lot more.
Your new rooms look nice in the new house, and the kitchen has a cool
counter you can eat at. We will get big stools so you can sit up at the
counter. There is even a fireplace next to the kitchen, so we can have
fires while we eat dinner, that will be very cool!!

Welp, I have to go now, I sure miss you, and I love you so much. I will
be home soon.
I wish I didn't have to leave so much, I would love to be home watching
Drake and Josh with you right now. Someday I will have a job where I
don't have to leave so much, so we just have to get through me being
gone for a little while longer.

I love Maddy, Hannah and Mom VERY VERY VERY much, and can't wait to talk
to you and hug you. You can send me emails whenever you want, just tell
Mom you want to write me.
Give Mom a hug and kiss for me!

Love you,

Man, I miss that man....


CMB said...

That was super sweet. I am not sure what your husband does for a living, but as for a father and a husband he sounds pefect at those roles.

Anonymous said...

I love this letter from Derek. So sweet! So now I know why I haven't heard from you - you are moving! Call me when you get a chance.

Missing my friend,